We bring our seasonal clothing to you so you and your friends can enhance your own individual style in the comfort of your own home!

We bring our seasonal clothing to you so you and your friends can enhance your own individual style in the comfort of your own home!

What’s it all about …

Are you little over the disappointment of on line shopping and the faff of returning items that so did ‘not look like that in the picture’? Does the description below sound like you?

Do you love to relax, social and engage with your family as much as possible, enjoy independent stores, love a good deli and coffee either to take 5 or catch up with a friend or colleague. Do you love to travels as frequently as life allows, city breaks, and have a favourite spot that's easy to return to for sun and the ultimate in relaxation with a good book.

Does this sound familiar … Your kitchen is a great place to stop by, it's fabulous and you love to share it with friends, very happy with drinks around the island with a bowl of nuts or do you prefer on a bar stool somewhere beautifully locally with the gals?

Do you pop off to the city to get a fix, and is it more likely we’d find you with a small mixed group of like minded women who are in the same age bracket and facing similar life challenges. 

Do you dress for brunch without hesitation, opting for ease and considered casual as readily as making an effort, confident in your own skin?

KB is a Pop-Up boutique offering an at-home shopping experience for private invitation-only gatherings (a school hours get together with the girls, or an evening if everyone can make it), OR an open-house Public event that KB will publicise on your behalf.

 Either way there are host perks (a magnum of Prosecco, or equivalent or 5% of sales value to spend with KB / donate to a charity) If a large event is in the offing KB will help facilitate a fund raising aspect to proceedings (we're great at raffles) and there is always a gazebo option if things get BIG (full PLI certificate) 

 Stock is ever changing and updating, so our clients should expect fabulous stock but nothing is set in stone! Almost every pop-up is different - think of yourself as a unique offering that people will crave again and again. Once the buzz starts in your area, it's likely to spread like wildfire. We can offer you a fun, easy going and highly organised event - all it takes is some information from you, good access to the venue, space for our amazing offerings and a solid Wi-fi / 4G connection and we are away!

 Think of it as providing a much needed service to the wonderful women in your area that work hard, and deserve some failsafe wardrobe solutions that are both different and wearable. 

 Trust us, everyone will thank you ;)

When Kempton met Branson...

Vix Kempton and I, Sarah Branson, met while enduring early morning Spin classes.  We rallied one another to last the class by roaring encouragement, using our surnames and that’s really where our KemptonBranson journey began!

It became clear that we had shared interests in terms of fashion and interiors and rather than meeting to drink coffee, we found ourselves exploring business ideas and after a year of evaluating various options and carrying out research we decided to go and see our graphic designer Polly in Poundbury and work up a logo.

 This turned out to be a pivotal day as I snuck into a boutique and found an awesome pair of tracky pants. They were £50 but I loved them so much I bought them and kept them on, like a child with new school shoes. By chance, Polly knew a contact at the brand and our relationship with Suzy D began that day (tracky pants continue to be a best seller at just £37 J).

 We wanted to source a collection that was firstly full of clothing we would wear ourselves and feel good in, secondly affordable and finally ever changing. We went to our first Trade Show greener than Shrek with just social media and a very basic website to our name.

 Thankfully our ambition and enthusiasm, and possibly the fact that we were brutally honest on our knowledge base, shone out and a couple of companies agreed to give us a trial with their stock. A huge leap of faith on both sides and we still can’t quite believe we pulled it off.

 Here we are 3 years later with a busy diary, great relationships with existing suppliers and new sources coming on board. We get invited to beautiful homes, businesses and to participate in stunning events all over Hampshire, Dorset, Oxford and Surrey.

 And we still love what we do!

KemptonBranson ‘Housekeeping’

If you would like to host a KB Pop Up - yippee! Please get in touch as soon as you can regarding dates. We only publicise the public events so where it may look like we have a pretty relaxed time, the reality is that we are ‘on the road again’ about 3 days / nights a week!

We would ask you to ensure that you have 10/15 confirmed guests if you are hosting at home, and to clear the access in and out of the building so that we can leave you to enjoy extended time with your friends once shopping has drawn to its natural conclusion.

The host will receive a magnum of Prosecco, or the equivalent, as a thank you and 5% of sales value to spend with us or donate to the charity of your choice.

For larger events we always offer a raffle prize, we have our own gazebo and hold full PLI certification.


Gather the gals…

Some people prefer to keep their KB events small and extremely low key, however we can see over 50 people throughout an evening, particularly if the hostess is happy with an open house policy (it all helps towards the 5% tally at the end) and invites everyone to bring a friend and a bottle. Some nights we have left just as the party is really firing up in the kitchen!