On a cold and frosty morning…

At 13:19hrs on Monday 12th October 2015 we sent the site live! It was a magical moment with tears of joy from Kempton (Ryder our genius designer may also have shed a tear, mainly of relief knowing his walls would no longer be covered in graffiti) and my own at the dawning realization that we could finally go for some lunch.

We are still sweeping up here and there and taking on board feedback, but overall the response has surpassed our expectations. Neither of us was anticipating a call on the first day and after a giddy moment, we were straight to work ready to inspire a busy, well meaning husband, who daren’t front up with ‘another kitchen gadget. I might add that he was only meant to be proof reading it for us.

In the meantime we are updating our Pinterest with seasonal inspiration on a daily basis so please do pop in and take a look around.

 K & B X

Sarah Branson