Lesson Learnt

The irony that I forgot the gift I had selected and wrapped so beautifully to take to a wedding in Devon last weekend is not lost on me! There was something quite excruciating about seeing the table laden with pretty gifts and having to brazen it out with nothing to place down. #lessonlearnt

It got me thinking about wedding presents though. Not everyone has a list these days and I spent a considerable amount of time on the car journey back to the New Forest weighing up whether the gift I purchased for a winter wedding would be different to that of a summer one. I think it probably would be, but SHOULD it be? Answers on a postcard please!

You may have noticed that we have a link to the Stroke association (http://www.stroke.org.uk) on the page. This is a charity close to our hearts and next April, our own delightful JK, Mr Accounts, will take part in the Virgin Money London Marathon 2016 with a view to putting a few pounds in their pot. Nearer the time we will link his sponsor page into ours so if you feel inclined, you can join the party.

Comedy moment of the week, yes I know it’s only Tuesday, was a whole industrial roll of fabulous wrapping paper unrolling itself in Andrex loo roll style much to Kemptons’ abject horror! Oh how we laughed …

Branson X



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Sarah Branson