Autumn sunshine and baubles

So autumn has arrived in all her glory on the South coast and Kempton & Branson are already basking in something of a seasonal glow. Well, Kempton is, having shopped for new baubles and bling to decorate her family home with…She is unstoppable and has a fabulous eye for a bargain!


The launch of the website has been both exciting and terrifying and our ‘team of experts’ (I use the term lightly) has been very supportive offering endless cartons of 3 Seed Kale Crackers and large quantities of caffeine. We haven’t quite progressed to matcha products yet, but once the butterflies have gone I’m sure it will feature on one of our lists of NY resolutions.

So here we are, ready to inspire, source and deliver gifts and styling directly to you, your loved ones and your friends. This is something we have both been doing on a small scale for many years and we are ready to give you back some hours at the weekend, alleviate stress and plonk the joy back into all those special occasions.

Sarah Branson