Lock down on the Christmas target…

As we nip towards the end of November, and after a blast of ‘fresher’ temperatures over last weekend, we are fully locked on to the Christmas target. (One of us more than the other, it has to be said!) The date for the purchase of the ‘real’ tree is in the diary and the tussle over where the fake, twinkly beauty will rest is sorted.

While Kempton is galloping around keen to cover every surface in twinkly lights and pucker up under the mistletoe, I am considering ways to dress my house, without compromising on space (the final frontier – just me?) as there is the small matter of a birthday party to slink past first. There is a distinct chance I have overshot the runway on numbers and I need all the space for glass propping and party shoes I can get.

This shot is from the show home lay up we did for a client photo shoot last week. The brief was to allude to the festive season and hint at how the house could look if you were a buyer and I think this captures that tone perfectly. The indefatigable ‘Asda’ star, once again, takes centre stage and at £10 it is for me, the bargain of this season.

All the mince pies made it out in once piece, honest!

The coming weekend is about advent calendars, a wreath for the front door, a spot of freezer cooking as well as hiding some of the gifts that have already arrived. In my head I have struck absolute gold as I have bought personalized gifts for nearly everyone. There’s even one for Kempton so I won’t post a photo until after ‘the main event’.


Branson X

Sarah Branson