7 weeks and counting…

I was away on holiday last week and fully embraced the blue skies, white sand and golden glowing sunshine. There is something about a break in October that sets me up for the rest of the year and I am looking forward to maintaining a pretty strong orange colour until 2016!

While I was away KB had some interesting enquiries and I have to concede that Kempton has excelled herself in snaffling a few fabulous items that have hit the spot (did I mention that we are quite competitive?). We can’t share them just in case someone on the list views the page, however as gifts go, these ooze class and you can’t get them on the High Street, which is kind of our point!

Judging by the volume of harassed calls it wasn’t just me that found the ‘7 Fridays left before Christmas’ headline highly effective in the ‘wakey wakey’ department and I have finally created a definitive list, definitive for this week anyway.

I have to admit that I have been slightly distracted by sourcing items to style a birthday party with next month – my own! I keep getting excited by new things that suppliers have popping up and wondering where I could squeeze them in when my brief to myself (just me?) is to de-clutter at speed so everyone can fit into my house. Well, kitchen really.

Classiest find of the week? A chip holder for your car… every teenage boy I know will be unwrapping one in, er 7 weeks!

Stollen anyone?

Sarah Branson