Desk top!

Over the last 3 or 4 years I have noticed that during October I spend a lot more time at one desk or another (I have two, it’s a long story) mainly juggling diaries or doing festive shopping. I have yet to scrum down and book the obligatory ‘food delivery slot’ but Kempton is all over hers and feeling appropriately smug!

With a 16 year old running her own program, and yet largely unable to transport herself anywhere, bookings flying in for KB events, Mr B, er mainly flying OUT, it is a time of year that requires skills the Logistics Corp would be happy to recruit. I have yet to embrace the whole electronic diary so there are a lot of pencils with rubbers rolling around on every desk and surface I grace and I like quiet time to list the various parties, appointments and Pop Ups.

At KBHQ we have been at the desk extremely focused on ordering enough goodies to deliver awesome stock at all the sales booked in, whether it's an event at a school, a business or a home Pop Up before Christmas and all while keeping one eye on what we’d like to be hanging on the rails and refreshing our home look with next Spring.

As well as not wholly embracing the ‘i-diary’ thing, I like to handwrite my Christmas cards and envelopes, usually on a sunny Sunday afternoon with tea or the same mug filled with mulled wine and an illicit mince pie and I feel I deserve a lovely area at which to complete this task. This brings me neatly back to why I have two desks.

Onwards to the season of merriment!

Branson X

Sarah Branson