As Kate Bush once sang ‘Wow! Wow! Wow!’

What a truly extraordinary week we are having at KBHQ. We have 4 sales coming up over the next 10 days, some public, others in private homes and Pop Up requests are tumbling out of the woodwork, along with piles of twinkly lights that don’t quite work (just us? Thought not, despite best intentions!).

On the subject of festive décor, what’s a girl to do? This year there seem to be so many beautiful natural wreaths, bling-tastic baubles, cool Nordic silvers and reflective glass pieces it’s hard to make a decision. I need to find a sort of Nordic Rustic Modern Country option with clean lines and that gleams and glitters on the dullest of days.

Kempton and I love a lot of things in life but we both absolutely hate having our photograph taken. I don’t think it’s to do with the actual click of the shutter, more the end result- that dawning realisation that the camera doesn’t lie and despite thinking you look ok when you leave the house, the reality isn’t quite as pretty. We doubled our humiliation on Monday by electing to be snapped on the seawall as it’s a place that we both frequent and we can often be found marching fast, talking faster.

We work with photographer Adam Lynk a lot but being in front of the camera brought on some sort of ‘regression’ in our behavior. We roared with laughter, giggled, pulled faces, took selfies, stopped dog walkers in their tracks, although it was evident no-one believed our ‘we don’t get out of the car for less than £10K’ line. We did finally nail some shots, perhaps not the ones Lynk had in mind, but we got something. Naturally Kempton and I are now surviving on vapour, sloshing on anti-ageing products and cruising Pinterest for ‘the most flattering hairstyles ever…”

Thankfully we have rails of flattering clothing at our fingertips and with new lines arriving daily we are poised and ready for our busiest season to date.

Wow indeed!



Sarah Branson