You live and learn….

There are times when we head off to host a Pop Up with no concept of how things are going to work out. Will anyone come? Will they like our stock? Have we brought enough, too much, too little, will they like us? Most importantly, will they find the venue because we got lost twice on the way?

We were at a belting event on Saturday at a local village hall – think Richard Curtis meets an army of parents and 400 odd visitors. There was a firm sense of community, moral support in abundance and the most sensational food hall, which is always a winner with us!

The highlight has to be when the stage curtains (unexpectedly to us) opened to reveal a male harmony group. They were very good and it lent itself to the occasion perfectly. Naturally, not thinking ahead, we had used the corner of the stage closest to us to display a selection of twinkly stars, wooden tall Christmas trees, upright lit metal arrows and various other sparkly, very eye catching and quite noisy as it turned out, things- you so know where this is leading don’t you?

So while the hall gathered together, drew its collective breath as the curtains drew back, Kempton and I had to hold it together as one by one our items tumbled into each other domino style’y and descended to the floor in slow motion, via two chairs, wiping out the perfectly positioned pile of gift wrap, large metal scissors and sticky tape holder, a large latte and a considerable amount of our dignity.

Lesson learnt!


Branson x



Image source Pinterest

Sarah Branson