Rocking around the Christmas Tree...

That’s it - we’re off to do some ‘rocking around the Christmas tree’ for a couple of weeks now that all our children have broken up from school, college and university. The last KB order has been wrapped and delivered to a somewhat harassed gentleman and the stock room is looking pretty sparse!

We’ve received some spectacular feedback and comments, not to mention bookings for 2017. March is already looking busy, we’ll be spending most of January and February working on styling contracts and (shopping!) buying. We’ll also probably be chomping on kale as opposed to our beloved Fishfinger Sandwiches from The Noisy Lobster (our happy place!).

If you have subscribed on our website to hear our news first, the database is almost complete, bar the odd crash here and there, and we’ll be in touch with exciting news soon.

We close the year with a lovely write up in the Lymington Times, our local rag. Kempton looks fabulous in the photo, I look like a Labrador- you can’t win them all!

We’d like to take this opportunity to thank everyone that has supported us, offered sound business advice, shopped, ‘liked’ and ‘shared’ our Facebook page and shouted ‘Kempton’ or ‘Branson’ as we walk around the town. It’s been a blast.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


Kempton & Branson X

Sarah Branson