Spring Fever…

There is a definite case of Spring Fever here at KB HQ. It’s hard not to find the bursts of blue skies uplifting and it seems many of our styling clients and photographers are sharing the same sense of optimism as the phones are busy and something, not sure what, is continually ‘tinging’!

After a slow start to the year for me personally, it’s exciting to be swept up in a wave of styling activity. There are shot lists, prop lists, colour charts and flower orders all over the office and lots of post it notes stuck in highly appropriate places. Bertie is back on his ‘desk’ cushion and purring happily, so it really is back to ‘business as usual’.

Being so early, most of the Easter shoots were completed a few weeks ago although I have just taken a booking from a large house builder to dress a show home for some marketing images next week!

There is no getting away from the growing love of personalised gifts and we have been tasked with sourcing a selection of monogramed items as christening gifts and also for an up and coming 40th. Amongst the baskets, blankets and bits of bling and many ‘ooohs and aaaahs’ there are some treasures of stationary, glass wear and cashmere.

And because we like to keep it real here at KB, in the midst of the action is a lot of ‘white jeans’ chat. What style will we be going for? I’m not wholly convinced I’ve got the body for ‘high waist’ chic. A nasty image of just my eyes being visible keeps floating past my eyes. Kempton, on the other hand is currently just out in the park with the dog feeling all spring like in her pale jeans, white trainers and sunglasses, humming little upbeat tunes to herself!

“That was until I stepped in a muddy great puddle and despite the blue skies, the heavens just opened. Like literally soaked through. Then I remembered it's still February and its back to dreaming of white jeans. It's back home now to find a nice warm jumper. “

Something smothered in turmeric anyone?

Sarah Branson