Fringe benefits...

Cor lummy - that was a bit of a week! We started working on refreshing the website. You know when you were kids and you’d cut each others fringes until there was about 5mm on the left and 3cms on the right - that’s kind of how it went. With everyone embracing the Japanese KonMari method of de-clutter we also felt the need to ‘participate’. This would have gone a lot more smoothly if our level of competency was just a little greater, the phrase ‘operator error’ has rarely been more apt!

We have been receiving lots of emails and samples from some of the people we met at BCTF in Harrogate and are really looking forward to placing orders for our up and coming Pop Up Lifestyle Stores this coming autumn. So far we have been asked to ‘pop up’ in West Sussex, London and Lymington and there are more dates and venues pending. Some of these events will be in private homes and others will be open to the public so do keep your eyes peeled for information on our site and Facebook page.

This leads me neatly to our Facebook page in fact…Do you follow us? We have a KB board on Pinterest, and our Facebook page has some sort of activity most days - and we would love to share our ideas and yours!

The week culminated in our very own JK running the London Marathon on Sunday. It was a truly emotional day as nearly 2 years ago he suffered a severe stroke that nearly cost him his life and for him to be able to run 26.2 miles just 20 odd months later is nothing short of miraculous. JK has raised just £80 shy of £5,000 for The Stroke Association. If anyone should be inclined to throw a few pounds into his pot, please hit this link … –

As I type on the laptop, Kempton is creating a spreadsheet that she claims is ‘a thing of great beauty' on the Big Mac, we'll see!




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Sarah Branson