Tantastic Tuesday!

So here it is on a perky Tuesday morning as I am taking down my birthday cards from last week and having a little chuckle at the generally rude and offensive messages from my friends and family, I stumble across the card I now remember hiding at the back, out of visual.  It was from my most beloved eldest son so it would have felt wholly inappropriate to say thanks and then throw it in the bin but on reflection and now not feeling so charitable, wished I had.  It reads:

Everyone gets to be young once *YOUR TURN IS OVER.

Thankfully despite my perfectly charming teenagers and the exasperation of living with them whilst they are currently in the throes of ‘A’ Levels and GCSE’s, I am still able to giggle at the sight of Branson as she manoeuvres us from the office out into the garden and starts oiling herself up for a full sun-tanning working lunch.  Our conversation goes something like this…


K: I’m starving

B: Do you want an avocado!?

K: No!

B: Glass of water? I can add a slice of lemon!?

K: Have you got anything else?

B: Nope!

K: You’re going really red

B: I’ll be brown tomorrow….


And I can confirm that today she is in fact a walking (talking!) bar of chocolate.  Even teenage son emerged from bedroom and commented on the Bransons’ new shade of chestnut. To which he copped an eyeful as he was keenly presented the newly tanned décolletage.  That’ll teach him I thought as he went a beautiful shade of crimson.

So we can finally rejoice that summer has arrived and here at KB HQ we are beyond excited, as we are about to become stockists! Kicking off proceedings with the launch of our fabulous new summer baskets.  So do keep your eyes and ears peeled (why do we say that?), as we will be launching said beauties online very soon…think sparkle!

KB pop-up shops planned for A/W 2016 are also shaping up very nicely as we have now confirmed events in London, Sussex and here on the South Coast. We are madly sourcing fabulous new stock and cannot wait to get cracking. In the meanwhile, the sun is out and therefore, so is the Branson, tucking in to her stash of avocados and working on 50 shades of mahogany.  I shall barely be able to see her in the dark soon.

Sending love from us both,


Kempton x



Image source Pinterest

Sarah Branson