Seasonal shopping a go go !


October 2017- Crikey it’s been a crazy few weeks here at KBHQ!

As someone who is a keen observer of shopping habits our most recent events have given me plenty to mull over. Guests at Pop Ups are beginning to swing into ‘seasonal action’ and it’s fascinating to be amongst.

There are already sightings of lists (this would so be me), exclamations of relief joy at finding the ideal gift for a family member and the ardent clothes shopper has been spotted methodically going along the rails first one way and then the other as she plans her wardrobe event by event from Halloween right through to New Years Day!

The revolving door of deliveries has smacked me in the face more than once as new suppliers and trusted regulars have begun high-speed distribution and in turn, Kemps and I have surrendered many un-retrievable minutes to Post Office queues in our quest to get parcels out as quickly as possible.

It would be fair to say that as the evenings get ‘cosier’ the need for a smattering of twinkle is emerging and we’ve had a run on demand for these gorgeous large gold star jars and the little Nordic silver numbers (being battery powered does eradicate the need to jiggle a waxy tea light around to blow it out).

Left to me, the tree would be up and we’d be eating mince pies as a chaser to our boiled eggs every morning, but you can’t win ‘em all!

Keep your eyes peeled on our diary page which is updated frequently on and then posted to our Facebook page - there are lots of public events where you can find us and our season FINALE will be held at Warborne Farm on 7th & 8th December. We’ve not finalised the plan yet but we know there will be wine from the Knackered Mothers Wine Cub (KMWC) to sample and we don’t travel without canapés during December – it’s company policy!

Sarah Branson