Tis the (Christmas Fair) season ... falalalala!


21st November 2017

KB is fully immersed in Christmas Fair Season. It’s full of hilarity and often in our case calamity and the 7 we have between now and 7th December are sure to have us clutching our sides as we guffaw raucously at ourselves mainly. We lurch somewhere between an episode of Absolutely Fabulous and a feature length movie written by Richard Curtis as we set up our Pop Up store in halls and schools having tussled for parking, made too much noise and sloshed coffee over ourselves.

As far as people watching goes there is nowhere like it, well ok – maybe the Café de Paris in St Tropez the actual BEST venue, but this scenario is a close second as the stall holders eye each other guardedly and tut frequently about seemingly nothing as we all carefully present our wares. Kemps and I love a bit of sparkle and if we’re not selling it we’re wearing it or have something twinkly to wind through a display. Generally it’s a crowd pleaser, not so much if you have never encountered us before!

Our super soft ponchos (£35), sparkly star jumpers (£55) and the new metallic evening cover ups (£35) are rolling out of the door along with the gorgeous star silk tops that you can wear over anything! Kemps loves her navy one and teams it up with the Next Pull on Coated Leggings. Just add a glass of wine and she’s good to go!

There are lots of opportunities left to join us at various public events in Brockenhurst on 25th November, at The Mill at Gordleton and Jason Jones Hairdressing to name a few. All details are on the front page of our www.kemptonbranson.com and of course we’d love to see you all on 7th December at www.warbornefarm.co.uk where we’re collaborating with www.lisaslarder.com. You’ll also be able to purchase KB Gift Vouchers for use with us during SS18 here!

In the meantime there is a glimpse of a potential ‘AdHoc’ window coming up so #watchthisspace



Here she is having just emerged from behind the substantial red curtain!

Here she is having just emerged from behind the substantial red curtain!

Sarah Branson