Handbrake turning into the sunshine months!

So last week we hit the ground running and ran our first Pop Up of the season.  Anyone who works with suppliers will understand the intricacies of confirming delivery dates and consignment content. It’s an exciting roller coaster of ‘will we, won’t we’ and not for the fainthearted once you have committed to, in our case a date for a sale, and in this instance our SS17 launch event!

If you are one of the super organized amongst us you will have de-cluttered your wardrobe in February, done all your seasonal dry cleaning and had all shoes and boots re-heeled. Personally I handbrake turn into Easter and fling the cupboard doors off the hinges looking for the magic ‘ingredient’ that will offer a look of ‘2 stone weight loss, smooth golden tan and be bang on trend to boot’ (yeah, about that diet?) only to be heard sighing deeply and muttering ‘meh!’

We pressed ‘go’ a little earlier on our season this year as Easter is deceptively late and could well be warm and sunshine filled.  While we haven’t gone all out with our linens as yet, we have bought with a view to layering and there is a bit of a ‘capsule’ vibe going on before we hit high season in a couple of months.

Overall we are yearning for warmth on our faces, sun kissed skin and chilled rose shared with friends on hazy summer nights. We may still be sporting cashmere bed socks and misshapen cardies, but seriously, we are holding out for lightweight summer clothing, beautiful beach baskets and a cheeky lunchtime snooze on a snazzy hamman towel!

If you would like to ‘get involved’ look up our #kbperks here;

http://www.kemptonbranson.com/blog/ and send in your dates and location and we’ll get in touch. If you have already been to a KB event and love your purchases please send over a photograph as we love to include them on our website montage. There is always a prize for the best one.

Lastly, while we decline all offers of crisps, chardonnay and chocolate during lent, we are very happy to offer KB Gift Vouchers for those of you stuck for an Easter or Mother’s Day gift ;-)


Sarah Branson