Drive time....

July 2017

Drive time…

We love a road trip and were excited recently to be booked for a Pop Up in Andover. We have a tried and tested way of loading The Beast with the rails and stock and as long as its not 39• (we do struggle a bit with the heat…)and it’s a good opportunity to chat through local deliveries and which orders needs to hit the post office – that’s worthy of a blog in itself!

We then do that thing were we are all ‘doors to manual’ and Kempton says, “Hang on, hang on, let me just double check I have everything.” This statement is usually followed by much furrowing in a large gold sequin basket, one hand in the air ‘on pause’ while she mutters to herself. The beaming grin re-appears and I am given the ‘wagons roll’ signal.

There is always singing while we drive, we have even treated shoppers at events to our infamous Wilson Philips duet ‘Hold on for one more time…’ We’ve come a long way since we sang it into a pasty on Leeds station a couple of years ago, we can harmonise and yes, I did write pasty, Kempton rarely travels without one you know! - you can view the original version here, ours is uncannily similar, no really it is :-)

Because we are quite shallow, we often seek out The Corner Shop (What? Ours IS on the corner) in other territories. In Andover this entailed accessing a narrow and low ceilinged multi-story car park. As The Beasts’ nose crossed the threshold I absolutely bottled it, hit reverse and we enjoyed a couple of circuits of the large town centre roundabout using the Magic Roundabout pub as our landmark before spotting a P sign not far from where we needed to be.

Once we arrived ‘in store’ we came over all defensive about our own branch.  There is ALWAYS heated discussion on the layout, stock levels, the clientele and where are the flipping Lemon & Sultana pastries? This particular store was on point!

Each KB ‘Pop Up’ is so different. We can never estimate what the property will be like, what the shoppers will be looking for, if people will be hesitant to try things on or be game from the outset and try armfuls of items. There is something truly lovely about receiving a compliment on our collection and people leaving looking particularly radiant and happy!




Our next open event is the Summer Fair at the exquisite ‘The Mill at Gordleton’ on 18th and 19th July  - look for the stampede and come and say Hi!


Hold on for one more time X

*The Corner Shop – Waitrose


Sarah Branson