There’s nothing like the promise of shopping for new season stock to get Kemps and I to the station in the pitch dark on a cold and rainy morning in January. As our train rolled across the New Forest we dealt with the trickery of removing of our coats without causing actual bodily harm, purchased buckets of tea and settled down to discuss the promise of day that lay ahead.

It wasn’t long before we became aware of a strange ‘burring’ noise. Silence descended  before the lady sitting next to me turned puce and leapt into action exclaiming ‘Agh, I think that’s my toothbrush!” It was, indded, jiggling merrily in her handbag. Embarrassed giggles were finally supressed and ‘commuter quiet’ was restored apart from Kemps and I exclaiming over the content of the Top Drawer brochure and getting a bit shouty and over excited about what we were hoping to find in terms of accessories and gifts.

Cue the arrival of the quite and exceedingly FOXY TV presenter Mark Durden Smith. As we both hold a bit of a torch for MDS, Kemps and I naturally regressed spectacularly to the age of approximately 14 with our level of conversation whilst casting covetous glances in his direction. He remained utterly oblivious throughout.

And then the ‘burring’ began for a second time and he did finally look up,  shared a wry smile, a shake of his head and an eye roll. Pride and dignity you say? That KB ship had most definitely sailed, done a couple of circumnavigations and been declared ‘shipwrecked’ by the time the toothbrush had been located, dealt with TWICE more and we had all regained our composure.

Top Drawer itself was very successful for us. It’s a brilliantly organised show and every year it seems to feature more brands, some established and some new to the arena. We are delighted with what we have secured to begin the season with (you can book parties and events now for 1st March 2018 onwards) and we’re raring to go.

The journey home was just as eventful but sadly with less FOX appeal! After many delays and cancellations and an incident with a poor traveller who couldn’t, for love nor money get the train toilet door to close ( you so know how that we were directly facing that door don't you), we finally arrived back at KBHQ with a fist full of proforma invoices, cards and ideas!

Branson X



Sarah Branson