Tis the 'Googlemaps' season ....

Oh my word …. we love visiting new venues and last week saw us hitting the M3 and heading to St Pauls’ School in Surrey to what has to have been one of the friendliest school events we have ever attended!

I think I may have mentioned previously that our sense of direction is more than a little shabby. My trusty Co-Pilot (SatNAG) excelled herself when directing me through Hampton Court, and it’s not busy there at all is it? Following my request of ‘Where next please?’ she held the phone up to the end of her nose, looked a little bemused, glanced nervously out of the window (it was DARK!) and said “Well, looking at this it could be a right hand turn at the next junction.” There followed a long pause while we both look ahead for said junction.

“So do I go straight over this roundabout then?” as we approach a large, multilane and clearly fundamental one. “Oh it’s a roundabout!” squints at phone, “That’s what I thought, yeah right here will be fine…” loses interest and gazes out of window (did I mention it was DARK!).

The journey culminated in the classiest supper so far …

We didn’t look dodgy at all!

We didn’t look dodgy at all!

There is a definite feeling of surging panic as people encounter the dawning realisation that there are just 50 DAYS until THE BIG ONE! The weather has had us all fooled for a while now and it feels like a particularly short run up until the first carol is sung. Mince pie anyone?

Sarah Branson