Oh what a night ....

Our Pop Up Boutique is in demand! We are on the road two or three days and nights a week and quite frankly we’re having a BALL. There is nothing quite like rocking up at a private house and finding 30 odd fabulous, fun and chatty shoppers poised and ready for action, and last night was no exception. 

All it takes is a little space (we are very creative with the line up of our 6ft rails), some goodwill and a cracking host.

Artist Sally Mackness is in the ‘pink’ in her new KB faux fur lined Parka! 


Sometimes you see someone walk into the room and you just know you have a gem on the rail that’s going to make their day!

Everyone had a ball, out host shared her magnum of fizz and put her 5% of sales to good use for both her and her daughter!

We’re back out on the road, in Ringwood tonight, and back to Oxford next week. The momentum is gathering #falalalala

Sarah Branson