Crikey - it's nearly Mayday!

Crikey! Where have the last 4 months gone and does anyone else feel like they are about to handbrake turn into May? There is beautiful cherry blossom everywhere and it seems inconceivable that we are cruising towards two Bank Holiday weekends and a half term, not to mention 13 Pop Ups!

As I sit in the office typing away, my eye has drawn to the window by a strange movement and I find myself staring at some some sort of sleety, heavy April shower activity so I thought I’d share my ‘current state of dress’ - massive jumper over ludicrously seasonally optimistic pink sweatshirt … I know, enough said right?

That said, during the Pop Up this, everyone seemed largely optimistic about longer, drier and sunnier days incoming. Even after a gazillion months of winter conditions we are staunchly optimistic that the best is yet to come. Kempton for one is adamant about this hence the introduction of shorts to our collection for SS18 and they are flying off the rails. Soft with a little stretch (coughs and winks) and in perfect colours to match everything they are in contention with the jumpsuits for this years’ ‘best seller’ award. Pair them with a sparkly t- shirt and you are all good to go, and you can throw on a bright star jumper when the temperature dips a little! (Sizes XL to XS £23 + £3.50 p&p).

Linen remains in high demand and these lovely tunics have also been scooped up to wear with pumps for running around in, with a pair of flip flops for chilling on the beach and wearing with heels and bling for gathering the gals! They also fold and roll beautifully for including in your holiday luggage, a colour for every day £37 (£3.50 p&p) J

And as I complete this spell of writing I have taken a booking for Pop Up number 14 in sunny Lyndhurst. We had some much fun here last season that we can’t wait to go back! This week also sees us head back to Benson in Oxfordshire for our 3rd Pop Up with the lovely Annie and 5% of sales will go to

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Sarah Branson