We love it when a plan comes together ...

Despite still flying solo the first clothing order is IN! I can’t wait for Kemps to be back at KBHQ as my capacity to model and describe what I was buying yesterday at the Suzy D Road Show over FaceTime may have been somewhat ‘lost in translation’ ...

On Monday we are having a planning and scheduling day as well as meeting with one of our agents Alex, who is bringing us more fresh lines to look at. In the meantime we are waiting to hear if we have been accepted as account with a company I met at Top Drawer - if you see me running around with my t-shirt over my head, we got it!



Huge thanks to our fab agents who are already out in the field checking out gorgeous new venues in Dorset, Surrey and Oxford as well as Hampshire which is looking particularly sunshine filled today ☀️ 

We’ve had so many enquiries re bookings and we’ll be replying to everyone as soon as we know what dates we can lay our hands on the groovy new seasons pieces - prepare to gather!


Sarah Branson