No blue Monday at KBHQ - just loads of bling & tassels!

We love doing our jewellery buy at the beginning of the season, I mean who doesn’t love a room full of bling? We’ve gone full on statement style in earrings in exquisite turquoise, eye catching coral with lots of nude options. Long necklaces are going to be massive for boosting a kaftan for lunch or early evening drinks at sunset, adding a bit of sun kissed sparkle and for festival fun. We’ve gone quite left field and we’re already chomping at the bit for the delivery ...


In other news we have hit 500 followers on Instagram today. It’s a fast moving landscape so it will fluctuate again but it’s a significant landmark for our little independent burgeoning business.


If you remember in the last blog we were waiting to hear if we’d secured a brand spanking new supplier - well WE DID!  

We’re coming for you 2019 ⭐️ 

Sarah Branson