Blue sky thinking ...

While the current blue skies definitely require a layer of cashmere or a mahoosive parka to get us outside, away from the coffee, central heating or warming soup we are dreaming of a more tropical blue!  


I was lucky enough to enjoy some real winter sun this New Year while Kemps sayshayed her way down numerous slopes and ‘Aprés skied’ like a pro  ... so my phone is bursting with images like this one above taken at the Galley Bay Spa Resort and I can’t deny they exude warmth! 

These are the images we are holding in our minds while we work on the first stage of our SS19 Collection because they’ll be here before we know it, post a brief spell of snow (that’ll teach me to be more careful what I wish for #snowmantic) that’s been forecast for this week. 

If you are thinking of hosting a Pop Up Boutique at your private home, business event or fundraiser please get in touch ASAP. Thursdays are once again proving to be our most popular night / day and they are booking fast from early March right through until July - the first Christmas Fair request is already in! 


Sarah Branson