Quick nip to Olympia ...

Kemps and I had an ‘awayday’ to Pure at Olympia today. There are a couple of items that we’ve been seeking and had yet to source ... until today when found them (and more), and we opened an account with a fabuloso new supplier in line with our #newseason #freshthinking tags. 

While the main focus is for AW19 there was a great representation of this ‘transitional’ season where you get all giddy about a blast of sunshine or early morning ‘spring like’ birdsong which is swiftly followed by -4• and a bitter frost. Layering lives on!  


I had to work quite hard to keep Kemps off the runway 🤦‍♀️ 

Don’t forget we open this coming Friday, 15th February 10:30 - 2:30 at 8 Belmont Drive, Lymington SO41 3AE. This Pop Up Boutique is OPEN TO ALL so come and have a ‘look see’ at what our rails are all about this season in a relaxed and informal environment.  

If you are keen to book an event with us please get in touch as nearly all the Thursdays until June are now reserved!

*please park responsibly on Friday as this is a residential area

* we accept cards and cash  

Thank you! 

Sarah Branson