As I glance out of the window at the heavy drizzle it seems a little odd to be recalling the warmth of the sunshine last Friday during our first Pop Up of SS19.

For us it wasn’t just the sun that carried warmth, the reaction to our fresh new collection from our 60 plus shoppers was nothing short of scorchio with our gorgeous Luella dresses and Suzy D casual pieces so easily combined, leading the charge, all mixed together with sparkly baskets and this seasons fabulous bling from Envy jewellery! 

Kemps worked her whole townie vibe ...


While I did my usual ‘is this too casual?’  


We are now waiting with baited breath to hear when our next deliveries are arriving and packaging up all the sales via social media from this weekend ... 

#whentownmeetsbeach ☀️ 

Sarah Branson