A bright week on KB the grid!

There is definitely more colour on our ‘grid’ this season and we’re fully embracing  it! I was quite concerned about wearing a pleated skirt, I’m really not the right shape, Kemps and I are real women after all, but do you know what? I LOVED IT! It was a bit like wearing air ... and for £49 I can dress it up with knee high black boots, blazer  and a polo neck in winter, wear with pumps, t and denim jacket now or team with a pretty top for something altogether more ‘fancy’


Kemps can take stronger colours and she rocked our neon batwing at Penny’s Pop Up last week. Infact, we sold all our stock of them! The two of them looked fabulous and there was a definite hint of 80s ... thankfully no-one gave them a whistle.

⭐️This week we are open on Friday 15th, Red Nose Day, at KBHQ, 8 Belmont Drive, Lymington SO41 3AE 10am - 2pm. The following week we are in Oxford and then we have a Saturday morning ‘drop in’ on 30th March at 45 Shrubbs Avenue, Lymington SO41 9DJ ⭐️

Sarah Branson