☀️ Sunshine and smiles ☀️

Another burst of late spring sunshine saw our ‘KB At Home’ Pop Up full of hustle and bustle yesterday! The rails are looking bright and beautiful and our stock take was actually quite pleasurable (that’s a career first for me!) plus we managed to cajol fashion student Alex into modelling stock for us... it’s fair to say she’s a chip off the old Kemps block 😉

A cheeky little montage ... more images and prices are on our KemptonBranson Facebook page! 


Beauties both!


We opn again on Thursday 18th April 6.30 - 9pm in Sway, it’s a public event and all the info is listed on www.kemptonbranson.com or via the Events on FB.

Come and say hi and see what we’re all about. We’re booking in dates for AW19 already so if you have an idea you’d like to chat through, do get in touch. We have agents in Dorset, Surrey and Oxford if that’s an easier liaison for you! 


Sarah Branson