Wowzers, what a belting Easter weekend!

I think the smiles and suntans (or sunburn, it’s my extra large nose, gets burnt every time) say it all! It feels as though the UK in its entirety has been on a glorious mini break, and I for one feel refreshed, restored and invigorated!  


This week sees us hustling for new and gorgeous stock, in meetings about the launch of the AW19 season (I know, bonkers right? But Christmas Fair bookings began in March!) and we’re off to Surrey to create our ‘Pop Up Boutique’ at a forward thinking compny who like to mix things up a bit for their valued employees! 

We are next open in Lymington on 30th May 10am - 2pm at KBHQ, 8 Belmont Drive, Lymington SO41 3AE. All welcome, please park with consideration ;-) 


Sarah Branson