Monday motivation!

What a stunning run of bright sunshine filled we’re having! May is a funny month, it doesn’t really know what it’s role is. Should it be sunny and warm, or still really shaking off the cooler winter months. A bit like a late Teen, should it be grown up and wholly independent or still happy to be at home with all the perks (I so know where my own Teen lies on this!)

May is also the month where we begin looking around at what’s on offer for the next season (I know!) and tomorrow we’re off for our first glance at AW19 - naturally it will be the hottest day of the year so far ☀️

In the meantime please join us at The Woolpack Inn, Sopley, Bournemouth from 7pm - 9pm on Thursday 16 May at what promises to be a fun, relaxed evening at this charming riverside pub!


There’s a lot going on so keep your eyes peeled on our events pages and please contact us re any future events you’d like us to be involved with.

We’ve got an exciting meeting tomorrow morning regarding sponsorship for our launch event in September!


Sarah Branson