Happy Monday’s!

We might be experiencing the rainfall of October in June but there’s still plenty to smile about. The grass is super green, the flowers are plentiful and we are as busy as the proverbial 🐝 

So much so that we are postponing our ‘At Home‘ Pop Up on Wednesday as we await the arrival of more new lines - man those rails took a hammering on Saturday morning!  There is a new date in the offing, I’ll get back to you with the details as soon as it’s confirmed.


If you can come along to our collaborative event in Dorset on Monday 17th please do. Our KB SS19 summer fashion collection, beautiful handmade handbags, beauty and skin analysis with Neals Yard and the gorgeous wares of the talented Rhubarb Candle Company and Prosecco at £2.50 a glass, whats not to love?

Have a belting week X

Sarah Branson