☀️What a difference a day (or two) makes!☀️

☀️Today will go down as one that caught us out a little this season. The forecast actually did what it said on the tin and delivered us the most beautiful sunshine ALL DAY... this lead to a quick change of outfit in the car, the hasty and not wholly successful application of sunscreen, who knew it had glitter in it, and the need to seek ‘shade’ - I know, bonkers right? A sunny Saturday in June and at a school Fete and everything - nothing short of remarkable☀️

Huge thanks to EVERYONE at Durlston Court Prep School for a brilliantly organised and well attended event. We were so busy that we’re are going to have to stand down from the Polo tomorrow in order to have enough stock for our NeoNatal Unit Fundraiser on Thursday 27th. Who knew?


So as well as being a NeoNatal Fundraiser Thursday 27th is our SS19 Season Finale (we do literally think we are Riviera) and it’s open to all. Details on this website and on Facebook, feel free to come along! 


Sarah Branson