Jumping in June!

And so it’s June! Thoughts of sunnier days, the end of exams, the real start of the summer are all consuming. We are heading towards our season finale (see dates below) with all the poise and grace of a French & Saunders motorbike and sidecar sketch 😂

Below is a round up of where you can catch up with us between now and June 27th. As of Saturday 8th June all jewellery (yes, including the beautiful tassel necklaces) and flip flops are HALF PRICE! So the most expensive bling will be £12.50 and the flip flops will be £5, yup a FIVER! While stocks last party people X


No joke, if you are interested in an event during AW please shout. October and December are already pretty busy, and I thought I was organised!


Sarah Branson