Pencils sharpened, we are poised and ready to embrace Winter buying 🤩

I do love a Monday morning that begins with a clear desk and freshly sharpened pencils (it was a good way to alleviate the tension during yesterday’s super sporting Sunday!). If you gloss over the eye test and the diary fail for the dentist, my shizzle is all in order.

Nect Monday it will be all about South West trains coffee and their egg sandwiches with salt & vinegar crisps added as we travel to Pure, for one of our AW buying sessions. It’s a great show, the organisers work hard to mix it up every year inviting new and emerging brands to sit alongside more established ones.

We have an outline of what we’re looking for in terms of style and colour but Kemps and I do love a curved ball so anything could happen!

One thing we are 100% sure about is AW19 is already looking very busy with Thursday evenings booking up quickly for private events and fundraisers, and the start of December is pretty much full up. #christmasinjuly is very much alive and kicking 😉

Sarah Branson