Well hello Jonie ....

⭐️ I’m thrilled to introduce JONIE! While I was writing up my Suzy D order at Olympia, a flicker and swish of emerald green caught my eye, it was the most stunning dress, with an energy to the fabric nothing like I’d seen before.

Naturally, I politely ‘grabbed’ the wearer and asked her not to leave until I had the details of the maker. (I think I might actually have held her arm to prevent her moving away, sorry Raine 🤦‍♀️)

Fast forward two weeks and the inordinately talented @lisataylor_design has agreed to stock KB with her exquisitely up-cycled vintage saris made in Deal, Kent and inspired by her global travel. Lisa has 25 years in the fashion industry for brands like Warehouse, Oasis and Karen Millen under her belt so she knows all about shape and modern sensibility.

Jonie also has a sibling called Stevie, brace yourselves! Each piece is completely and utterly unique, a one off to last a lifetime. I have just a handful in stock, please shout if you’d like a look X

Sarah Branson