All the excitement of autumn is upon us 🍂

It was dark when I put the rubbish out for collection at 6am this morning, properly dark, a little bit mizzly, cor I LOVE it! Throw in a scented candle, a twinkly light, a couple of naughty canapés and I’m all good to push on through until February.

A perfect day, therefore, to head to London for a bit of a winter and dare I say it, Christmas, buying spree at Top Drawer. It’s a brilliantly organised show with lots to look at but I was firmly fixed on placing an order with the legend that is Elliott at Chalk. (Who had to assist me when I got stuck in a dress, I know, sadly not that hard to envisage).

The brand will be available from my new online shopping page, thanks to the inordinate patience of James Ryder, beginning with a small selection going live tomorrow, Tuesday 10th. I am only permitted to sell this collection via and because I hold it in such high regard, I’m absolutely prepared to take this route. So, it won’t be on the rails at events but I’ll be wearing it lots out & about and the enormous order I placed today will be here very soon.

Please bear with me, online is a whole new ball game but we’ve made it chatty and welcoming, easy to navigate and with the most straightforward payment system we could find.

*Wednesday Walk In 5pm - 9pm 11th September

*Thursday morning Catch Up & Coffee 9am - 1pm 12th September

Come on over, open to all and I have two deliveries of new stock hitting the rail tomorrow.

Sarah Branson