Half term Happy Hour!

These glorious blasts of sunlight have seen us ordering in more high season lines this week as well as more of the highly sought after Beach Pilates Pants! To celebrate this ‘gateway to summer’ school break we are offering you a ‘Half Term Happy Hour’ 😉


So for fizz, fashion, fun and 5% discount on ALL purchases head to 8 Belmont Drive, Lymington SO41 3AE between 4pm - 7pm on 24th May. The rails are bursting  after two more deliveries today!

Beach pilates pants £15 (pre discount)

Beach pilates pants £15 (pre discount)

It’s a free event, all welcome, cards and cash taken please park considerately to avoid ruffling Porschemans feathers!


Monday motivation!

What a stunning run of bright sunshine filled we’re having! May is a funny month, it doesn’t really know what it’s role is. Should it be sunny and warm, or still really shaking off the cooler winter months. A bit like a late Teen, should it be grown up and wholly independent or still happy to be at home with all the perks (I so know where my own Teen lies on this!)

May is also the month where we begin looking around at what’s on offer for the next season (I know!) and tomorrow we’re off for our first glance at AW19 - naturally it will be the hottest day of the year so far ☀️

In the meantime please join us at The Woolpack Inn, Sopley, Bournemouth from 7pm - 9pm on Thursday 16 May at what promises to be a fun, relaxed evening at this charming riverside pub!


There’s a lot going on so keep your eyes peeled on our events pages and please contact us re any future events you’d like us to be involved with.

We’ve got an exciting meeting tomorrow morning regarding sponsorship for our launch event in September!


All the colour ...

We love, love, love delivery day and today was NO EXCEPTION, perfect timing as we open tomorrow 10am - 1pm (8 Belmont Drive, SO41 3AE) in Lymington and then we’re off to a private event in Reading on Thursday - all the colour and all the busy!  



All things bright & beautiful ...  


These are great with tanned bare legs, leggings and flops or jeans and a gorgeous ankle boot! 


Festival chic on every level, just add denim and rosé 😉

We are busy with bookings for AW19 so if you are keen to host an event or you’d like to see us at your school, hotel or fundraiser please get in touch!


Pinch and a punch for the 1st of the month ...

So it’s May, already. It can’t just be me that thinks this year has a ‘Bolt’ feeling about it? I’m sure it was February just a few days ago!  

May is busy for us on and off the road as we begin to source the AW Collection. Always exciting but always a little odd as the sun begins to work it’s magic. 

We are OPEN TODAY 10am - 2pm at KBHQ, 8 Belmont Drive Lymington SO41 3AE, 3 deliveries means the rails are full, fresh and fabulous!  

Pop in and say Hi if you are passing, we love a catch up and a chat ;-)



New events listed!

As I sit and type this in the office there is hail lashing against the window, a bit of a contrast to the sunburn and freckles of last weekend!

I have just listed a few new public events on here and on our KB Facebook page, including one at The Woolpack Inn in Sopley, Bournemouth and our September AW19 launch which is linked to the Macmillan ‘Worlds Biggest Coffee Morning’ something Kemps and I are always keen to support.

We look forward to seeing you X


Wowzers, what a belting Easter weekend!

I think the smiles and suntans (or sunburn, it’s my extra large nose, gets burnt every time) say it all! It feels as though the UK in its entirety has been on a glorious mini break, and I for one feel refreshed, restored and invigorated!  


This week sees us hustling for new and gorgeous stock, in meetings about the launch of the AW19 season (I know, bonkers right? But Christmas Fair bookings began in March!) and we’re off to Surrey to create our ‘Pop Up Boutique’ at a forward thinking compny who like to mix things up a bit for their valued employees! 

We are next open in Lymington on 30th May 10am - 2pm at KBHQ, 8 Belmont Drive, Lymington SO41 3AE. All welcome, please park with consideration ;-) 


Sunshine and melting chocolate - what’s not to love?

So the forecast is nothing short of EPIC for Easter weekend so get your Egg Hunt done and dusted early before it’s a ‘melt’ situation! The sound of lawnmowers in action and BBQs frantically being scrubbed is all over The Parish and there was already frisson of excited anticipation in The Corner Shop early this morning. 

We’re off to Pop Up in sunny Sway tomorrow evening! It’s an ‘open to all’ Boutique from 6 till 9, our rails are bursting with bright colours and flattering clothes that will take you from a formal gathering to the beach in a nano second. All the address details are on the events page - so take a look and join us 🎉 


Next week sees us head back up the M3 and the kickstart of the Surrey season - we so love a road trip 🚘 


☀️ Sunshine and smiles ☀️

Another burst of late spring sunshine saw our ‘KB At Home’ Pop Up full of hustle and bustle yesterday! The rails are looking bright and beautiful and our stock take was actually quite pleasurable (that’s a career first for me!) plus we managed to cajol fashion student Alex into modelling stock for us... it’s fair to say she’s a chip off the old Kemps block 😉

A cheeky little montage ... more images and prices are on our KemptonBranson Facebook page! 


Beauties both!


We opn again on Thursday 18th April 6.30 - 9pm in Sway, it’s a public event and all the info is listed on www.kemptonbranson.com or via the Events on FB.

Come and say hi and see what we’re all about. We’re booking in dates for AW19 already so if you have an idea you’d like to chat through, do get in touch. We have agents in Dorset, Surrey and Oxford if that’s an easier liaison for you!