Pencils sharpened, we are poised and ready to embrace Winter buying 🤩

I do love a Monday morning that begins with a clear desk and freshly sharpened pencils (it was a good way to alleviate the tension during yesterday’s super sporting Sunday!). If you gloss over the eye test and the diary fail for the dentist, my shizzle is all in order.

Nect Monday it will be all about South West trains coffee and their egg sandwiches with salt & vinegar crisps added as we travel to Pure, for one of our AW buying sessions. It’s a great show, the organisers work hard to mix it up every year inviting new and emerging brands to sit alongside more established ones.

We have an outline of what we’re looking for in terms of style and colour but Kemps and I do love a curved ball so anything could happen!

One thing we are 100% sure about is AW19 is already looking very busy with Thursday evenings booking up quickly for private events and fundraisers, and the start of December is pretty much full up. #christmasinjuly is very much alive and kicking 😉


Summer, summer time!

Wimbledon has begun, there are discarded bottles of sunscreen scattered all over the house and the heady scent of BBQ fills the air from 5pm most evenings, with a lawn mower chaser in the background!

Kemps and I are back in the stock room today to pick all the orders we had in over the weekend and to look at dates. We were bombarded by requests for one last sale after we closed on Thursday so ‘watch this space’ as they say.

Currently we are not ‘live’ but there are accounts to be done, winter buying appointments to be made, branding and website tweaks to have some fun with plus a lot of planning regarding another festive event at Warborne Farm to get stuck into (10th /11th December if you are curious!)

Never a dull moment! 😎


☀️What a difference a day (or two) makes!☀️

☀️Today will go down as one that caught us out a little this season. The forecast actually did what it said on the tin and delivered us the most beautiful sunshine ALL DAY... this lead to a quick change of outfit in the car, the hasty and not wholly successful application of sunscreen, who knew it had glitter in it, and the need to seek ‘shade’ - I know, bonkers right? A sunny Saturday in June and at a school Fete and everything - nothing short of remarkable☀️

Huge thanks to EVERYONE at Durlston Court Prep School for a brilliantly organised and well attended event. We were so busy that we’re are going to have to stand down from the Polo tomorrow in order to have enough stock for our NeoNatal Unit Fundraiser on Thursday 27th. Who knew?


So as well as being a NeoNatal Fundraiser Thursday 27th is our SS19 Season Finale (we do literally think we are Riviera) and it’s open to all. Details on this website and on Facebook, feel free to come along! 


Discount Thurs-YAY!

☀️Grab your gals and join us for a glass of fizz, plenty of laughter and 10% off ALL STOCK on Thursday 20th June from 4pm - 8pm at 45 Shrubbs Avenue, Lymington SO41 9DJ☀️

The rails are full of linen tops, maxi dresses, the fabulous Pilates pants, kaftans and sparkly t-shirts and shorts!

Cards and cash taken, please park considerately ;-)


Happy Monday’s!

We might be experiencing the rainfall of October in June but there’s still plenty to smile about. The grass is super green, the flowers are plentiful and we are as busy as the proverbial 🐝 

So much so that we are postponing our ‘At Home‘ Pop Up on Wednesday as we await the arrival of more new lines - man those rails took a hammering on Saturday morning!  There is a new date in the offing, I’ll get back to you with the details as soon as it’s confirmed.


If you can come along to our collaborative event in Dorset on Monday 17th please do. Our KB SS19 summer fashion collection, beautiful handmade handbags, beauty and skin analysis with Neals Yard and the gorgeous wares of the talented Rhubarb Candle Company and Prosecco at £2.50 a glass, whats not to love?

Have a belting week X

Jumping in June!

And so it’s June! Thoughts of sunnier days, the end of exams, the real start of the summer are all consuming. We are heading towards our season finale (see dates below) with all the poise and grace of a French & Saunders motorbike and sidecar sketch 😂

Below is a round up of where you can catch up with us between now and June 27th. As of Saturday 8th June all jewellery (yes, including the beautiful tassel necklaces) and flip flops are HALF PRICE! So the most expensive bling will be £12.50 and the flip flops will be £5, yup a FIVER! While stocks last party people X


No joke, if you are interested in an event during AW please shout. October and December are already pretty busy, and I thought I was organised!


Half term Happy Hour!

These glorious blasts of sunlight have seen us ordering in more high season lines this week as well as more of the highly sought after Beach Pilates Pants! To celebrate this ‘gateway to summer’ school break we are offering you a ‘Half Term Happy Hour’ 😉


So for fizz, fashion, fun and 5% discount on ALL purchases head to 8 Belmont Drive, Lymington SO41 3AE between 4pm - 7pm on 24th May. The rails are bursting  after two more deliveries today!

Beach pilates pants £15 (pre discount)

Beach pilates pants £15 (pre discount)

It’s a free event, all welcome, cards and cash taken please park considerately to avoid ruffling Porschemans feathers!